Wardrobe Staples: Master the Classics the Rekucci Way

Who doesn’t love the feeling of being polished? Let’s face it - it’s always going to be a combination of things that really turns people’s heads. Style is very subjective, and from one season to the next, who knows what to expect. Isn’t it funny that fashion always seems to make a comeback? We are actually living in a very interesting fashion era because in the span of one week, a woman could rock a pair of leggings, skinny jeans, bell bottoms & high-waisted pants. We’re pretty sure we have about 4 decades worth of fashion staples in there. What a time to be alive! One thing that ties all these years together though, the look that will always turn the most heads, is the look of being polished. The classics if you will.


Classic white tee




When in doubt, always keep it simple. We like clean lines and flattering fits. It really doesn’t matter what size you wear, so long as whatever you’re wearing fits well.


Classic White Button Down Blouse

Does Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday come to anyone’s mind when they think of a white blouse? Us too. I mean anything Audrey Hepburn wore can instantly be deemed a classic right? This is a piece that absolutely needs to be in every woman’s wardrobe. The best part is its versatility. You can tuck it in, leave it out, wear in alone, pair it with a jacket or sweater. The possibilities really are endless. And if you had a darling little scarf to tie around your neck to wear with it that’s okay too, actually we’d prefer it.

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Class black trouser and white tee combination 


The Black Trouser

Whether you’re a working woman or not, this is a must. A black pant can take you anywhere. It’s refined, it’s flattering and most importantly it’s classic. Find the perfect fit for your body. Rekucci offers styles of every fit and flare so it’s a matter of preference. We love a higher waisted trouser because it really offers the most flattering shape for most women. The length should be suitable for a pair of flats or a heel - again, it’s a matter of preference and your ideal shoe pairing. A well-tailored trouser really is a thing of beauty.

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Plain White Tee

A white tee looks good with pretty much everything and it also makes the perfect layering piece as well. It really does it all. It works so well because it lets all the other elements of your outfit do the talking. It has that effortless chic - “I just threw this on” look to it. Some of our favourite looks include a white tee tucked in to a pair of jeans and a classic pair of heels. A nice block heel with an ankle strap would do the trick. The point is - play with it. You cannot go wrong with a classic white tee.

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Basic Black Blazer

We’ve come a long way from Annie Hall’s oversized blazers and vests. She had the right idea though. It’s timeless. It’s a much needed finishing touch for some outfits. A favourite look of ours is a sharp, well-fitting blazer with a crisp white blouse. Button it up or leave it open - the world is your oyster. A blazer can be worn with trousers, a skirt or a pair of jeans - the holy trinity. If you want to make it really special add a fun brooch - we hear they’re making a comeback.

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The perfect pencil skirt from Rekucci


The Perfect Pencil Skirt

There is just something so elegant and graceful about the pencil skirt. We can thank Dior for this masterpiece when the classic modern pencil skirt made its first appearance in the 1950’s. There’s a reason this piece has lasted longer than acid-wash jeans. There’s a strong feminine feel to the pencil skirt, while it also says “I am woman hear me roar”. It is really the best of both worlds. A woman in a high-waisted pencil skirt with a tucked in blouse and blazer screams elegance and style. It’s a look that’s lasted decades for a reason.

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